Why Supply Tickets to Student Box Office?

Student Box Office fills vacant theater seats with highly appreciative and enthusiastic students at the collegiate level.  Our vast membership network of active students in and around New York City allows us to fill unused seats on a last-minute basis.

Student Box Office is unlike third-party ticket agencies which devalue last-minute tickets by selling them at extremely low prices to the general public.  Student Box Office does not publish or advertise its show listings beyond its member-only website, maintaining the integrity of the show’s regularly priced tickets.  Furthermore, we do not assign a face value to tickets and, instead, charge a flat $5 service fee per ticket to students in order to reserve tickets through our website.

  • Increase student exposure to theater & the arts: Provide tickets to students who highly value professional theater but oftentimes lack the means to attend shows at regularly-priced ticket rates. Students are hand-vetted by Student Box Office and required to share an active student email address for membership.

  • We fill the house: Fill last-minute theater vacancies from 10-100+ tickets with just 24 hours’ notice.

  • We respect your regular ticket prices: Prevent the devaluation of your regularly-priced tickets by providing tickets to vetted students through our member’s only website and email distribution list without advertising below-market ticket prices to the general public.

  • Allocate tickets as you see fit…you assign seats: You provide us with the tickets and you decide how to allocate them…students don’t reserve specific seats

  • We give you the chance to connect with attendees: After providing tickets to Student Box Office, shows have the opportunity to have us send out an email to attendees with a survey or link to a promotion.

  • We’re easy to work with:  We’re friendly, real people, who genuinely care about exposing students to theater, and are responsive to your needs. You deal with a single point of contact.

How it Works:

1. Students register on our website (studentboxoffice.com) and are hand-verified by Student Box Office staff based on their provided school (.edu or .org) email address.

2. Students gain access to a members-only website and distribution list which lists show availability and notifies students when new shows become available.

3. Shows email us when they have ticket availability with the following information:

a. Show’s name
b. Show time and date
c. Quantity of tickets available (must be fully allocated to Student Box Office)
d. Cut-off date/time for attendee list

4. Students can reserve a maximum of four tickets per performance and Student Box Office charges a $5 handling fee per ticket in order to cover its expenses and ensure student attendance. Student Box Office does not assign seats to provide maximum flexibility for the shows.

5.  At the specified cut off time, we send a list of student names and ticket quantities to the show’s box office or designated contact(s). Shows assign tickets to students at their discretion.

6. Students pick-up the tickets at the show’s box office and see the show.

7. On behalf of shows, we can send an optional survey or ticket offer to attendees.

We hope that you will join our community and help us create the opportunity for students to see high-quality theater.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us!

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